Temperature Measurement Solutions for Non-Metal Applications

LumaSense Technologies is known for its ability to build products for custom applications using our temperature and gas sensing products to meet the stringent design requirements of the industrial markets.

Plastic Applications e.g. can be found in almost all areas of everyday living due to their versatility. Today, polyethylene (PET) plastic is widely used as packing material in many industries. Especially in the food industry, PET containers come in many forms and shapes, some of which impose quite high demands on the production process. Plastic is the perfect material for use in packaging goods. Plastic is versatile, hygienic, lightweight, flexible and highly durable. Therefor accurate temperature measurement is critical for efficient production processes.


Plastic Injection
Quality assurance of plastic injection-moulded components.

PET Bottle Production
The temperature of the plastic parison is an essential factor in the production process.

Asphalt Mixing Plants
Monitoring the temperature of asphalt mixtures is a challenging task due to the varying measuring conditions and characteristics of the process:
Product quality guaranteed through temperature control without interfering with the mixing process and with cost optimization through reduction of primary energy consumption

New 4" Feeder

A new 4" Stack feeder will be introduced at SMT in Nuremeberg. Click here to learn more.

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